Getting Your Website Up And Functioning

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Three Steps To Getting Your Website Up And Functioning

These are the three steps you need to do to get your website up and functioning.

  • The name of your website and the purchase of that domain.
  • The hosting of your website which means all the data the code that you use in the website experience.
  • The system that you will use to design the website.

So today we will begin with step 1 the purchase of your domain name. I suggest that you purchase everything from your website hosting company it just keeps things much simpler.

I made that mistake I purchased my name from a name vendor and got the advertised discount. It was a huge headache to transfer to my hosting company not to mention costly.

My suggestion go with Dreamhost that’s who I use I am thrilled no matter what goes wrong.

Remember my specialty is YelloVodka not blogging and they know that. So go ahead open a Dreamhost account find your name and get started.

One more thing if you can please use my referral link when you open your account!

Stay tuned for step 2 and 3 hosting and website design.

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