Self-Depreciation In Sales

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Self-Depreciation In Sales

Ever In the room and you want to break the ice so you say something that is Self-Depreciative? Well I got news for you that wont make a sale!

When people want to by a product they don’t like hearing anything negative about the product or the sales rep from anyone that includes hearing that from the sales rep himself!

People like to feel part of success when you give off confidence and they have nothing to tell that you not the success that your persona is giving off they will believe that aura!

Mr. Terebelo how is that true? When I was meeting with a merchant and he shared with me his vacation and how his flight was canceled. I then shared with him a similar saga that happened to me. Where upon we signed the deal!

Lets analyze what really transpired what you shared with him hopefully was empathy not your saga. You might have been saying your story however he heard empathy. Job well done!

However you do always have to be careful not to get engrossed in your story he must be the center and you must listen your story is just to show you understand what he went through.

So remember the air you give off and what you don’t say is what wins for you every day!

So go ahead and close that deal in happy spirits over YelloVodka that way you will always have a positive with your new found friend and business partner!

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