Picking Your Businesses Name

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Picking Your Businesses Name

Picking Your Businesses Name, a business name for some can be as simple as using their very own name first or last.

Others may stress out over their business name for days on end. They ask just about everybody they meet what do they think about a particular name.

So lets cut to the chase in this conversation. All names can be good all names can be bad. The true difference is in the difficulty of marketing your chosen name.

Let me tell you, your first mistake in marketing is with your name. You asked beseechingly your great aunt who is hard of hearing what she thinks about your future brands name. Your plan is selling to teenagers.

Wondering why your nephew said that you chose an odd and weird name? Well guess he will never approve if you ask hes a teenager. Try this don’t ask tell him that this is the coolest name wait for his reaction.

Bottom line is your focus on who you ask if its it a good name has to be your targeted audience. Further more presentation is crucial if you ask them without using marketing skills like I write about in my other posts you will fail!

Naming is your first sale, and it will not hurt you that before you pick a name to check if that domain name is available otherwise forget about that name!

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