Picking Your Domain Name

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Picking Your Domain Name

So you opened a dreamhost account and I am so grateful that you used my link so a thank you to you. If you still need to open an account here is a link Dreamhost.com

You can have a dreamhost blog hosted by dreamhost and is free or to buy a domain name and obviously pay domain and hosting fees.

(hosting and fees will be discussed in another post but first domain names)

Now its domain name time. You have 2 options click domains then look to the top left.

If you guessed I was going to tell you to buy a domain name you are right! Would you take a website that is .dreamhost seriously when you are looking for info?

So why would you put in all the effort into a blog when you admit you wont be taken seriously.

On the left side of your computer in dreamhost is domains click that. then click manage domains look to the top right corner where your choice is add hosting to a domain or sub-domain or register a new domain obviously click new domain.

Spending on a dot com name shows you are serious about blogging. So spend the 8 dollars and purchase the domain.

Help there is no dot com domains available they are suggesting. dot Xyz dot co and some other ones what should I do?

Think, first of all would you visit a site with such an ending? We all trust or feel dot com is more authentic dot com is like a 800 number it is the original .

That said if com has no combination available I would take a domain with a different ending.

However can you can try combining your chosen name with a product description. Personal example my Vodka is named Yello, Yello is the best vodka you can buy. That said the name Yello.com was not available so I added Vodka now its called Yellovodka.com

Obviously Dot org. is what you want if you are an organization and if you must pick a different ending pick the most familiar one to you. That said quality material will bring even your most skeptical readers back after all marketing and sales read those posts.

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