How To Email To Fax

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How To Email To Fax

How To Email To Fax, do you need to send a fax but don’t own a fax machine?

Are you filing some legal work and the only way you can send it is via fax.

Well when I was filing my paper work to precise my 2553 for my amazing distillery I ran in to exactly this problem I did not own a fax machine for that matter neither did my neighbors.

I searched online for a solution to this “modern” complex legal issue of having to fax or snail mail my form 2553 (that will be another article if you dont know what it is) as opposed to email in the era of cloud storage, email, and paperless documentation.

I found a clever solution that is email the documents to the IRS fax machine. There by solving the legal requirment of having to fax or mail the documents without having to buy a stamp or worse yet a fax machine.

I searched and searched for such a service.

I found many promised “free” faxed but then conveintly wanted my credit card info and fine printed stated this a trial etc.

This site is totally free though the number of faxes and size of faxes is limited. I am sure you will be pleased I was Faxzero !

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