• Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

Why Not To Have Investors

Why Not To Have Investors In Your Business, In this article we will examine the downside of having partners another article will obviously discuss the upsides of having a partner.

The first thing you must ask yourself is do you need investors? Can you fund it yourself. Take on a night job why would you want to answer to somebody else that will never have to do anything other cash a check you deliver to him every month.

If you can take on a night job and self fund it and you just want an investor because you dont want to work so hard I got news for you forget about starting a business.

Now If You Still Want Investors Keep Reading

Investors like their title are investing. What are they giving you is cash equity for your business in exchange for a percentage of the company. This can be a large percentage or even a majority!

Sounds bad enough keep on reading. As an investor giving the cash they do not expect to do anything for the business (unless otherwise spelled out very clearly in your contract) which you better have.

You must do everything for the business except cash their check. You even have to drop it off. Maybe you should think again about the night shift!

If you are still fine with the fact that someone might own a sizable portion of your business.

I got news for you, you take an investor you will feel a feeling of being beholden to someone that may have a very different vision or view of your business. This can lead to a lot of friction and actually burn you out.

If that is not bad enough if you are not dedicated towards building the business the the way he expect’s you to be he will be vocal. Mind you he doesn’t have to do anything.

That’s the tips for now on investing.

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