• Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

Passion And Investors

Passion And Investors I love making alcohol and so obviously when I talk about the alcohol I make I am obviously very passionate.

I would share my passion and knowledge with friends and family yes you can sigh and say I have such friends to and I hate being around them when they are talking about their passion in other words their business.

Guess what that passion, the passion that you are now realizing is scaring off all your friends is what attracts investors.

Investors like seeing the passion the inventor or owner possess. If you are not passionate then when the going gets tough which it will without missionary like zeal you are going to give up.

You have to show that this is a part of you. I dream yes literally dream about Yellovodka and American whiskey and how to keep on tweaking it to be the best there is that money can buy!

You know what it is today the best vodka money can buy and no I have no investors, but I did learn what to share with friends and how to appeal to investors.

I have had 1 billionaire and multiple millionaire’s that wanted to invest with me a huge boost to my confidence and ego a great boost to keep me going.

We will talk about thes investors why I said no and how I got a lecture from the billionare on how it is a huge mistake to turn him down and noone does!

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