Making A Sale

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Making A Sale

Making A Sale what I have learnt is that people want to here in short why handing over their hard earned money for your item is a worthwhile trade.

So if you are selling whisky or vodka like me guess what you got to have a short pitch to explain why they should buy it from you!

For the older generation you have whats termed the elevator pitch. That is the time it takes to ride up an elevator.

For the younger generation you have even less time to catch their attention and draw them in its the click pitch that’s the click before the next notification.

Now that you have their attention how do you make the next sale. I doubt just by getting their click attention span you will make a sale.

For that you have to follow up with pull marketing a free service or something they won’t have to think so much about when accepting.

Old style a business card don’t underestimate its power. New style a funny clip lots of competition.

Get creative just make sure it is truly a service I have my blogs below that is my pull check them out they are the best hey after all you are on one right not!

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