10 Things A Mentor Can Help You With

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10 Things A Mentor Can Help With

The Importance of a mentor can not be understated that said it is also at times over stated let me explain.

A mentor is a more experienced individual usualy in retirement that has been successful and wats to share his experience.

Mentors will help explain to you the pitfals and the unkown that come with starting a business.

They clue you into what to prepare for similar to what this blog is about.

10 Things A Mentor Can Help You With

  1. Share the idea with the mentor to see if you are getting carried away
  2. Practical advice on your concept to enhance it
  3. Share with you the feeling you will experience success and failure
  4. Practically even if its a good idea the difficulties and reward that lay ahead
  5. How to patent or protect and if you need to protect your concept
  6. Business structure and other legal pitfalls you don’t know
  7. Making a sales pitch which leads to,
  8. Marketing what works and what doesn’t which leads to,
  9. How to get funds, presenting yourself, which leads to,
  10. Contacts from their experience they can share who can further help you with all of the above

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