Ways To Deal With A Bad Review

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Ways To Deal With A Bad Review

Well there you have it those critics. Well, as with all critics and their criticism where is it coming from?

Your initial reaction is to say and what difference does it make I am totally in the right they are angry and want their money back and besides that I think that’s unfair I cant afford that.

Well you also can’t afford a bad review!

5 Ways to deal with a bad review

  1. Understand their complaint, you heard right many times they simply are misunderstanding the product or purchased no fault of yours the wrong product.
  2. Be courteous and patient of course make them feel that they are being understood believe it or not once the they feel you understand them they suddenly mellow up.
  3. Never attack your customer they are right even if they are wrong after all you want them to come back insulting demeaning or talking down to them might intimidate them and force them to give up but rest assure they and their friends will never purchase from you again.
  4. Offer a refund if all else fails either way they will dispute it on the credit card. At times you stand to benefit if you paraphrase this at the very beginning “I am ready to offer a full refund I just would Like to see if I can make this work” this puts your customer right away at ease!
  5. On their bad review you if you can’t get them to take it back. You always want share that you reached out to them directly and you are happy assist.

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