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The Case For President Donald Trump Rudy And Jail Bird Biden

The Case For President Donald Trump And Rudy Jail Bird Biden

Questions you must ask if you want to an honest answer.

Who Is Rudy Giuliani?

Rudy Giuliani is well know as the Former Mayor of New York, and before he was smeared by the Dems as Americas Mayor for leading New York City through 9/11. And called so as such in Times Magazine of that year.

After 9/11 there was talk of pushing off the New York City elections while the city heals Rudy quashed those ideas insisting that elections will go ahead as scheduled. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom bestowed on him upon him an honorary knighthood. 

This may have made him famous but his real expertise, mob smashing. Rudy Giuliani broke the New York mafia. A fiat that no other attorney general in New York was able to do and should have made him President Trumps first pick for attorney general. After all he was extremely successful and was U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York New York a job considered to be the third most powerful law position in the U.S.

So Why Was He Not Chosen As Attorney General

I can only guess but I think it is quiet easy to guess right. President Trump Is notorious for asking for complete loyalty and returning the favor. You betray him and you are under the bus.

Rudy Giuliani would not have been thrown under the bus after elections and denied the stature of being U.S. Attorney General unless he felt that being the personal attorney of the president would get him more fame.

What Rudy Has Been Up To For The Past Four Years

Look at his history with an unbiased lens. He has been investigating the Dems. From Ukraine to Hunter Bidens “laptop” which by the way doesn’t exist he has been building his case piece by piece it did not start the day after elections and I will prove it to you.

First the accusation that Trump lost out because he did not support mail in ballot. This claim is utterly ridiculous after all he had 100% turnout. Bar Jail Bird Biden no-one ever got more votes.

The Laptop From Hell

The Laptop from Hell ask yourself does the story pass the smell test? Well then how come Biden didn’t dispute the story?

Simple Biden knows the content is real the story is fake if he was to deny the story then there is a much bigger issue where is the info from a Hillary like server.

Why did Giuliani reveal this info? He was giving Biden a warning I have stuff on you behave.

The Ballots

Trump did not want mail in ballots because they can be tampered and or made to disappear.

It is also quite possible that mail in ballots complicated the efforts of Rudy Giuliani in laying the ground work for a sting operation that he was working on for 4 years. It is much easier to supervise stationary polls then the mail.

The Press Conferences After Elections

Everything that Giuliani is doing these days is to keep the Dems from knowing his case or cases. It is better for him to look like a fool then for the to know what the lawyers should be working on or what evidence should be disappear. In the same vein the more states he claims to have fraud the more thinly spread their efforts will be.

Why Trump Is Not Working With Biden Transition Team

The answer is two folds, first he must show that he believes that this man is honestly not president. Second it deprives Biden of much needed funds, when a president enables the GSA to work with the president elect it gives the president elect the necessary funds to pays his transition team. If I was President Trump I would much rather force Biden to pay out of pocket his transition team at least for now and have less money available for lawyers.

The Case That There Is Fraud

We will write a small sample of what we will be looking at,

Obviously the rush to have a president elect coordination and the obsession for Trump to concede. Shows a lack of confidence by President Biden not to mention the hypocrisy. The continued pressure is already at panic level.

  • The time it is taking to count the votes.
  • Why are no republicans able to watch.
  • High percentage of ethnic groups voting one way not matched elsewhere in the country.
  • Biden saying he needs 30 million dollars for his lawyers to fight Trump why so much if there’s nothing.

Lets examine a video,

Notice the Gov. did not answer the question, is there fraud or not answer the question. Why did the reporters not follow up with the question. Gov. how do you know there is no evidence and why would you show the evidence out of court in particular if you are the one being accused of wrong doing.

Pennsylvania has many videos like this where they do not answer the question. One video shows the interview stammering and saying no no you mean like a requested ballot for dead person. The interview is oblivious to what’s going on?

So How Will Rudy Build The Case Without Access To Location To Gather Evidence

This is a great question which we will write about in a future article stay tuned.

Much more tomorrow stay tuned hope you enjoyed The Case For President Donald Trump Rudy And Jail Bird Biden and please share,

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