• Wed. Nov 25th, 2020

Building The Case Against Jail Bird Biden

Building the case against Jail Bird Biden and how it can be done. There are multiple ways of doing it and keep in mind as I discussed in my last article The Case For President Donald Trump Rudy And Jail Bird Biden Rudy Giuliani as an experienced prosecutor did not prepare for a fraudulent outcome then I believe Trump does deserve to lose the election. This may sound harsh but its the reality.

Building The Cause

There are 3 different ways to build the case against Biden. We will list the four options as we see it and wait to see what we missed.

  • F.I.S.A court
  • State Witness Or Informant
  • Expert Witness Circumstantial evidence Evidence-Data

Lets Look At Each Type Of Evidence

F.I.S.A Court

F.I.S.A court, you might remember that they are the one that authorized the Obama Administration to investigate President Trump. Well as you may remember they have the capabilities to authorize the Intelligence Community to listen into every conversation and more.

If The President was able to go this route and had it legally in place before the elections it should be a slam dunk.

An alternative to the F.I.S.A would be if the U.S. Attorney General Barr, determines that an emergency exists he may authorize the emergency employment of electronic surveillance before obtaining the necessary authorization from the FISC there are obviously limitations to this power but as you can tell its very broad.

Witness’s Informants Hard Evidence Circumstansial And Data

Different types of witnesses.

  • Fact Witness
  • Expert Witness
  • State witness

A fact witness is simply that states the facts of what transpired and let’s the judge figure out it’s implications and ramifications.

Expert witness, gives an opinion in essence he is testifying based on his knowledge such and such can not be. Example would be the ballot counting machine could not count this quickly. Or he can offer a statistic.

State witness, a criminal who is sharing from inside first hand knowledge for a greatly reduced punishment.

Informant is same as State witness only was planted there by the government so never under threat of prosecution.

The last two are usually the strongest an Informant puts empthises on breaking into the higher echlond the statewitness will only get the offer if the are part of the upper echlons and have valuable info to offer.

A fact witness will generaly only have low level info never being trusted to enter the inner criminal circle.

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