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Kodi Media Open Source Platform With Parental Controls

Install kodi and familiarize yourself. It is a great program extremely versatile. A library of plugins that is endless.

Kodi has a handy Wiki that gives you a step-by-step guide on how to get its service up and running which can help you find the right setup process for your OS.

Keep in mind the plugins, they can really facilitate your ease of use of the program and give you the options to make it completely customized.

Plugins to avoid, there are a lot of plugins that come with a lot of pirated music this can be illegal to download in addition at times the government can trace it to your computer. Of course if that was your plan you probably have a personal VPN and don’t need to read my blog posts.

Initial Setup For Parental Control

Assuming that you already have Kodi installed, the very first thing you should do is split your collection into two different folder: a child friendly and administrator.

Set Up Your Profiles

Run Kodi and select the gear icon on the top left to enter its Settings screen. There, click “Profile settings.

In the “General” tab of options, turn on “Show login screen on startup” to enable profile support in Kodi.

Go to tab of options, click “Profiles,” then click on “Add profile …”

Enter your child’s name tor create file.

Kodi will give you the option to add a different file for child’s use, or just click on OK to accept the predefined one.

n the “Edit profile” dialogue, leave everything as is, but double-check that both “Media info” and “Media sources” are set as “Separate.” This will ensure that the content is separate from the administrator.

If you configured Kodi already when you see this option “Start with fresh settings or copy from default,” you can choose “Copy default.”

You should now have two profiles in Kodi: the default as Master user and the new for the kids.

Select the Master user profile, and from the “Edit profile” dialogue, choose “Lock preferences.”

Enable the “Master lock” option that allows you to restrict access for the selected profile

Continue by choosing the type of “lock” you prefer.

Leave every other option as is and restart Kodi to see your newly set-up profiles in action.

Add the Content

After you rerun Kodi, and it asks you to select a profile, choose the one for the kids.

Follow the prompts and add photo and content.

Lock Up

Log out of Kodi or exit and restart the application. This time, choose to log in as the “Master user.”

You will be asked to enter the code you set up earlier to be able to access this restricted profile.

Repeat what you did for kids account, go to the movies section, but this time add as media sources, both the child-friendly and other folders.

This will give you all content available for the primary account and no adult content for the kids account.

Final Lock Up

Go again to Kodi’s settings by clicking on the gear icon, return to the profile section, choose the kids’ account, and from the “Edit profile” dialogue, select “Lock preferences.”

This time, instead of setting up the equivalent of a password, enable the rest of the “Lock…” settings, to disable almost everything but playback for the active account.

After one last log-off and return to Kodi, you’ll have a completely operatable but seperate account one for children one for adults.

If you would like set Kodi to autostart on your desktop, and you’ll be done setting up parental controls for Kodi.

Other must get software Audacity Audio Editor, Adobe Illustrator Free Alternative Inkscape.

Enjoy and please comment and share,

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