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Collecting Digital Evidence On Jail Bird Biden

Collecting Digital Evidence On Jail Bird Biden

Biden’s big mess up, he used the internet. I am not saying that without Team Biden using the web you can’t access their inf. but once it is connected it sure is much easier, Every punch on a computer makes a digital mark every email that is sent leaves a digital trail. Every document, and ballot that is uploaded leaves a digital mark every document and ballot counted in Spain leaves a digital trail.

Both of these can be accessed however an upload mark requires one more step because intercepting and copying the info along the trail wont work.

Keep in mind once the trail is international there is much more legal wiggle room to open the investigation just look at Michael Flynn it all started because of an international call where the FBI was permitted to spy because it was a foreigner. Once you have the door open for an investigation its only a hop and skip away to investigating the American.

They Knew He will Cheat Here Is What Team Trump Could Of Done Before The Elections

RAFT Server. Is a system is designed to equip any law enforcement or investigating officers with the ability to easily perform digital evidence acquisition. This must be of quality and accuracy that the courts will accept without question.

This system is designed to facilitate forensic investigators by remotely gathering digital evidence.

This is achieved by ensuring that the image taken using RAFT is verified to be identical to the original evidence on a suspect computer.

The suspect computer is booted using a customized Linux Live distribution and any hard drives or removeable media connected to the computer are able to be securely imaged over an internet connection directly. Keep in mind you can boot the computer remotely.

Thi The left side of the figure represents the suspect computer, while the right represents the server-side of the system in a forensics laboratory. When the Investigator Ubuntu Live CD is booted on the suspect computer, all the at-tached hard drives and removeable drives, e.g., USB memory sticks, externalhard drives, cameras, CDs etc., which are currently connected are automatically mounted as read-only.

The user is then prompted within the graphical user inter-face whether s/he would like to take an image of a specific drive or partition, orif s/he would like all the attached media to be imaged automatically. To ensure forensic verifiability, a hash is taken of the entire drive before it is imaged.

This initial hash is taken to verify the untouched drive to the evidence ultimately collected from it.2.2 RAFT ServerThe RAFT Server is a multi-threaded system. When the server is running, itl istens for a connection on any of its preconfigured ports. When a new client is connected, it creates a new space on the server where it stores all relevant files.

Each new drive or volume imaged from the suspect computer is then stored within that space. Each chunk, when successfully transferred, is hashed server-side and compared against the original hash. If these hashes differ, a failure notification is sent to the RAFT Client which will result in that particular chunkbeing re-transmitted.

Upon the successful transmission of all the chunks belonging to a particular drive, they are recompiled back into a single file, hashed and verified against the original hash value taken by the RAFT Client before the imaging process commenced. When these two hashes match, a “successfully completed” transfer notification is then sent to the RAFT Client.

If Team Trump Did Not Plan For Cheating Extraction

Extraction is not simply scrolling through text messages or copying files from a hard drive, though such activities often represent the first stage of the extraction process.

Manual techniques involve using standard inputs included with or built into the device, such as touch screens or keyboards. This is the most basic level of extraction as it does not require specialized tools, though knowledge of file structure and operating systems will aid considerably in analysis.

Manual extraction allows access only to information available through the standard interface. For example, deleted items would not be obtainable
through this process, as deleted file clusters cannot be explored through basic point-and-click operations.

This level of processing is comparable to sitting at a computer looking for a particular file by exploring file folders with a mouse and keyboard.

Logical extractions incorporate external computer equipment to provide commands through code to the targeted device. Examiners can use a number of different connection tools and software products to communicate with the device through the examiner’s computer, where extracted data would appear.

This level of processing is comparable to using a DOS prompt to control a computer rather than a modern operating system. More precise control is available at the coding level, but it also requires considerably more knowledge and sophisticated tools.

Physical techniques refer to reading information from flash memory sources. Flash memory is where a device stores a history of actions to read or write information. Digital evidence at this level can tap into deleted information.

There is additional difficulty in accessing flash memory and decoding it, as the data stored here is primarily for the internal working of the device in binary rather than information intended for human observation.

A rough comparison would be if one had access to a keylogger to note previous inputs into a computer, as well as a global undo or recovery function that would allow recreation of deleted information. Needless to say, this level requires more knowledge and tools than previous levels, but the potential evidence is both greater in quantity and more difficult for a
suspect to alter.

The final processing options, chip-off and micro read, are highly technical activities and represent advanced digital evidence extraction.

Both involve a physical removal of flash memory chips from the device. Attempts to read the stored information are done directly with the memory chip and not through the device, so the examiner needs to know proprietary details regarding communication with the chip and needs to
simulate the device’s communication process.

These options are similar to a microscopic examination of components or to making a physical extraction of a hard drive, though hard drives are far easier to access and generally provide output in known, nonproprietary formats by default.

From the perspective of a law enforcement department, the range of extraction modes that can be required to obtain digital evidence from different sources or types of devices means that its collection and use is truly a multifaceted challenge, potentially requiring building and maintaining a variety of quite different technical capabilities and expertise.

Keep in mind that Sydney Powell says that she has some of these machines in her posession so they just might be writing the codes to break the machines as we speak.

The Reason Why Hillary Clinton Smashed Her Server

If you are following the logic is simple Hillary knew that with all the above techniques one may be able to access her files. The only way to ensure that they can never be accessed is by smashing it and destroying it physically.

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So if you were to ask me my take, I think “the laptop from hell” was a warning call to Biden and the Dems not to cheat. There is no laptop and never was a laptop.

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