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How To Find The Cheapest Flight

How To Find The Cheapest Flight, so your thinking what’s the gimmick? Well really nothing all you have to do is go to flight matrix.

Flight matrix is the software most flight search engines really on, and its just that a search engine you can not book a flight on flight matrix you can only get information.

Check other sites such as kiwi.com and www.dohop.com to make sure you found the best price flight. Flight matrix does not have budget carriers something both kiwi.com and  www.dohop.com do list.

Fees And Flights

Always keep in mind when you are booking a flight the costs of extra luggage and other fees.

If you are credit card gamer then or just happen to have an airline credit card always check to see what perks they offer. You will be suprised it can range from early boarding which is important to make sure that you get a space for your carry on luggage on top of the plane, to free luggage and drinks.

These are important things to factor in when you chose your flight it can affect the cost such as the costs of suitcases to to simple comfort.

Not a card gamer see if there is a membership club I have signed up in the airport to be a member and then gotten my suitcases free.

How ITA Matrix Works & How to Use It

From a user standpoint, it’s a simple form where you input your desired flight details and get flight options in return. The details you input are:

  • Round-trip, One-way, or Multi-city
  • Departing from city
  • Destination city
  • Advanced routing codes (optional)
  • Dates (exact or calendar)
  • Outbound/Departure Date exact or flexible date options and preferred times)
  • Return/Arrival Date (exact or flexible date options and preferred times)
  • Number of adults (children or seniors optional)
  • Cabin type
  • Number of desired stops
  • Extra stops allowed
  • Other (airport changes, only flights with available seats)
  • Currency (optional, defaulted to currency of departure city)
  • Sales city (optional, defaulted to departure city)

Now, we’ll go over all the sections and describe the various data you put into all the fields to find your cheap plane tickets.

Default Look with Advanced Routing Codes Showing. Image Credit: Google ITA Matrix

Round Trip, One-way, or Multi-city

Round trip is quiet simple you go there and come back. One way just flying there. Multi city you need to stop at multiple city’s.

Departing From City/Destination City

Type in the airport code (ORD, JFK, etc.) or city name and the Matrix will find the appropriate airport. Or select all airports.

Advanced Routing Codes (Optional)

Use this to make exclusions say if you do not like a specific airline.


Exact date will only show you flying options for that specific day.

Fexible up to +/- 2 days means you will get options for that range of days.

You can also select preferred flight times if you want to restrict the search to a certain time of day.

Number of Adults (Children or Seniors Optional)

Fill in how many are flying and the correct age.

Cabin Type

Default is economy (cheapest available), or change to premium economy, business, or first.

Number of Stops/Extra Stops

Choose to look at exclusively non-stop, one-stop, or two-stop flights. Or do a search range as 0-1 stop, 0-2 stops.

Other (Airport Changes, Only Flights With Available Seats)

These two options can be used to ensure you make it back to the same airport you left from and don’t have to swap between airports on multi-stop trips.

You can also search for airline tickets even if they don’t have seats, in case you want to compare.

Booking Your Flight

You can use BookWithMatrix.com. Just copy and paste the itinerary from your results page on ITA into their tool, and they will give you options to book your flight with a number of online booking agents.

If you just want to do it yourself, there are a few different options for booking the flight.

If you decide to book through a site or through a travel agent, there are multiple benefits including saved time, extra assistance, and even travel insurance.

If you book through a third party platform or agency you might not be entitled to the bonus travel points your credit card offers so speak to them.

Happy flying and please take us along on your ride don’t forget to share,

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