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The Lull Before The Storm Trump Vs Biden And The Transition

The Lull Before The Storm Trump Vs Biden And The Transition

The Lull Before The Storm Trump Vs Biden And The Transition, the stock market has responded hitting all time highs but is this Trumps Art Of The Deal lets think about what is happening.

The Time Line

Sunday, Attorney Sydney Powell and Attorney Rudy Giuliani hold a joint press conference. Attorney Sydney Powell unleashes a storm attacking both Republicans an Ddems. Most devestating is the attack on fellow Republican Brian Kemp a supposed friend and ally of the president. Most shocking is the accusation that every Dem. got a head start of 35k vostes.

Monday, Attorney Giuliani states that fellow Attorney Sydney Powell does not repesent the President in both personal or official capacity. This leads to a stocks rallying and those claiming the president has started to concede.

President Trump or is it just the GSA gives the go ahead for the presidential transition this to is taken as a sign that the president has at least unofficialy conceded.

What May Realy Be Happening

If you read what Attorney Rudy Giuliani wrote, he merely stated what was legaly true all along. That is that Attorney Sydney Powell does not repersent the administration. The reason why it was reitated could be for multiple reasons.

  • Legal reasons such as if she is independent the optics of the press conference could of changed that.
  • Or to give the impression that Trump is starting to back down leading the Biden team to fall into a sense of complacency.
  • By writing the public letter what Attorney Rudy Giuliani is accomplishing is to give Attorney Syney Powell greater legitimacy in both the public eye and in the courts and be viewed as Republican hack.

The Transition

The transition could have been done for numerous reasons, one as we wrote above just to give the Biden team a sense that they one and to lull them into a sense of complacency.

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