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Your Product Label Is Everything In Marketing

Your Product Label Is Everything In Marketing, that is what meets the eye and very often makes the sale. Your front and back label must tell a story. The story must be compelling enough that it will make people want to buy your product.

You want your label to draw people in and once drawn in to keep on bringing them back.

Some ideas to put on the label you can put on recipe information, couponing, sweepstakes, and gaming. 

What Must Be On The Label

Front Label

The most important label the front label. This the one that is displayed prominently on the shelf and seen by all the people passing by.

A product’s label can and should market the product all on its own. If your product has a unique label. Onethat draws people in and gets them curious it will sell itself for you!

Remember 85% of shoppers say that their decision to buy a product is the eye-catching packaging while they’re shopping.

Of course, make sure to mention on the front label if you are product is organic, healthy, vegetarian, kosher, etc.

Your Back Label

Allergen Warning

Always put the ingredients on the back label besides that it is required by law in most instances. It allows the customer to know what is in the food they’re eating or the product they’re using.

Always make sure the “may contain so-and-so ingredient” is printed loud and clear. This way those that are allergic to an ingredient know to avoid your product.

Health Risks

For instance, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and alcoholic beverage labels must contain health warnings. Additionally, warnings of poison or hazardous products must also be clearly displayed.


Particularly if you make cleaning products, cosmetics, and medicines. it’s important for the consumer to know the proper way to use the product, and the hazards if used improperly.

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