Ways To Deal With A Bad Review

Well there you have it those critics. Well, as with all critics and their criticism where is it coming from?

Your initial reaction is to say and what difference does it make I am totally in the right they are angry and want their money back and besides that I think that’s unfair I cant afford that.

Well you also can’t afford a bad review!

5 Ways to deal with a bad review

Understand their complaint, you heard right many times they simply are misunderstanding the product or purchased no fault of yours the wrong product. Be courteous and patient of course make them feel that they are being understood believe it or not once the they feel you understand them they suddenly mellow up.Never attack your customer they are right even if they are wrong after all you want them to come back insulting demeaning or talking down to them might intimidate…

Make A Sale the best way to make a sale when you meet people!

Passion And Investors Catching fire with investors show how passionate you are with what you are making and that will lead you foward and up!

Why Not To Have Investors

Why Not To Have Investors In Your Business, In this article we will examine the downside of having partners another article will obviously discuss the upsides of having a partner.

The first thing you must ask yourself is do you need investors? Can you fund it yourself. Take on a night job why would you want to answer to somebody else that will never have to do anything other cash a check you deliver to him every month.

If you can take on a night job and self fund it and you just want an investor because you dont want to work so hard I got news for you forget about starting a business.

Now If You Still Want Investors Keep Reading

Investors like their title are investing. What are they giving you is cash equity for your business in exchange for a percentage of the company. This can be a large percentage or…

How To Email To Fax

How To Email To Fax, do you need to send a fax but don’t own a fax machine?

Are you filing some legal work and the only way you can send it is via fax.

Well when I was filing my paper work to precise my 2553 for my amazing distillery I ran in to exactly this problem I did not own a fax machine for that matter neither did my neighbors.

I searched online for a solution to this “modern” complex legal issue of having to fax or snail mail my form 2553 (that will be another article if you dont know what it is) as opposed to email in the era of cloud storage, email, and paperless documentation.

I found a clever solution that is email the documents to the IRS fax machine. There by solving the legal requirment of having to fax or mail the documents without having to buy…

Picking Your Domain Name

So you opened a dreamhost account and I am so grateful that you used my link so a thank you to you. If you still need to open an account here is a link Dreamhost.com

You can have a dreamhost blog hosted by dreamhost and is free or to buy a domain name and obviously pay domain and hosting fees.

(hosting and fees will be discussed in another post but first domain names)

Now its domain name time. You have 2 options click domains then look to the top left.

If you guessed I was going to tell you to buy a domain name you are right! Would you take a website that is .dreamhost seriously when you are looking for info?

So why would you put in all the effort into a blog when you admit you wont be taken seriously.

On the left side of your computer in dreamhost is…

Picking Your Businesses Name

Picking Your Businesses Name, a business name for some can be as simple as using their very own name first or last.

Others may stress out over their business name for days on end. They ask just about everybody they meet what do they think about a particular name.

So lets cut to the chase in this conversation. All names can be good all names can be bad. The true difference is in the difficulty of marketing your chosen name.

Let me tell you, your first mistake in marketing is with your name. You asked beseechingly your great aunt who is hard of hearing what she thinks about your future brands name. Your plan is selling to teenagers.

Wondering why your nephew said that you chose an odd and weird name? Well guess he will never approve if you ask hes a teenager. Try this don’t ask tell him that this is the coolest…

Self-Depreciation In Sales

Ever In the room and you want to break the ice so you say something that is Self-Depreciative? Well I got news for you that wont make a sale!

When people want to by a product they don’t like hearing anything negative about the product or the sales rep from anyone that includes hearing that from the sales rep himself!

People like to feel part of success when you give off confidence and they have nothing to tell that you not the success that your persona is giving off they will believe that aura!

Mr. Terebelo how is that true? When I was meeting with a merchant and he shared with me his vacation and how his flight was canceled. I then shared with him a similar saga that happened to me. Where upon we signed the deal!

Lets analyze what really transpired what you shared with him hopefully was empathy not your saga. You might have…

Three Steps To Getting Your Website Up And Functioning

These are the three steps you need to do to get your website up and functioning.

The name of your website and the purchase of that domain.The hosting of your website which means all the data the code that you use in the website experience.The system that you will use to design the website.

So today we will begin with step 1 the purchase of your domain name. I suggest that you purchase everything from your website hosting company it just keeps things much simpler.

I made that mistake I purchased my name from a name vendor and got the advertised discount. It was a huge headache to transfer to my hosting company not to mention costly.

My suggestion go with Dreamhost that’s who I use I am thrilled no matter what goes wrong.

Remember my specialty is YelloVodka not blogging and they know that. So go ahead…