Do I Need A Website For My Business

What I wanted when I was starting out was do I need a website for my business. My gut feeling was would make me “real”. Today I am asked by just about everybody that I come into contact with that is thinking about starting a business this exact question do I need a website?

In short the answer is yes (obviously you know that from the image selected) when was the last time that you did not Google and for those that insist I write in proper grammar when was the last time you did not do search the web for a product for further info.

Do you think business cards are important or advertisements? Guess what today no one saves the numbers from those media sources but the websites. I mean honestly we all hate calling people.

But Websites Are So Expensive

After advising this future millionaire that didn’t want to…

Eye Contact In Marketing why it is so important to making a sale and building better relationships with all your contacts!

How To Shake Hands, are you not sure how hard to grasp when you shake hands oh and why do some grasp so hard read on.

What Is In A Handshake

You are all dressed up for that meeting a little jittery very excited. Finally you are meeting with the CEO of the corporation that you so badly want to make a deal with get ready its in the handshake!

Handshakes are customary when you greet somebody and when you close a deal and for good reason.

When you meet someone there is reasonable suspicion or at least in the days that there was knights that you were armed so a simple way for both of you to check each other is with shaking hands.

When you close a deal its to draw close to show that you are like one.

But how to shake hands that is another story.

Stay Tuned Tomorrow How To Shake Hands!

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Sales Pitch Listen Don’t Talk

Sales Pitch Listen Don’t Talk means Listen. Think you need one of those sales pitches like the guy you hung up the phone on last night?

Well what did you do to that marketer I would guess that hung up the phone so obviously that does not work so how do I make a sell?

Ever noticed that you like when people listen to you, notice that the telemarketer talked to you and you had to listen to him?

What you need to do is get your perspective buyer to talk most importantly you have to listen.

Listening means many things including listening to hear if your product is at all needed or wanted. I

If there is no need then you will never get a repeat customer and would be wrong to suggest them to purchase the product. No need to mention they will never be a repeat customer and might badmouth you to!

Marketing With Optimism

Really important who do you plan on hanging with tonight, who do you chill with or have a cup of coffee with?

Let me guess its that dude or girl that you look forward to being with! You know why you want to feel those happiness vibes it makes you feel important it puts you at ease it makes you feel like you have something in common.

Looking forward to next time you can hang and chill together when its over feel likes it was to short of a time?

That is the feeling you want a potential client to feel when you meet with you, that you are a positive guy, that you are fun to be around offices can be dreary be the break they are looking forward to!

Guess what you will make a sale because hey he wants you to come back to his office.

You want him now to come…

The Marketing Of My Vodka Named Yello

Hey guys I am launching my new Vodka, Vodka Yello. I know my Boutique hand made 24k Vodka is a premium and top of the line Vodka.

I know the energy I am putting in, in the logistical aspect the design aspect, and of course the taste which is of paramount importance.

My question is how do I deliver this message to you! The message is if you did not have a shot of Yello Vodka. You have not truly experienced the blissfulness of a good shot.

So Stay tuned as we blog you through the world of marketing inspiration Celebrity Robert Herjavec his humbleness and experience simply put is a guiding light!

Book we are reading now The Sales Bible stay tuned for our future first lesson on naming your product!

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Our latest topic that we are going to examine over the next few weeks Social Media Marketing In The Alcohol World. So stay tuned we are so excited to be able to share our future research with all are fellow distillers and distributers as always we love comments and in put best of all your experience.

Keep in mind we are not be liable for anything that is posted on this blog. If you act upon any of the suggestions it is at your own risk.

Ever had a vodka that was an experience? Well we got a teaser coming your way… stay tuned!