Terebelo Bourbon Tequila Finish 1 of 240

The fruit of Tequila and the best of New York combined.


1 review for Terebelo Bourbon Tequila Finish 1 of 240

  1. MottI s.

    I am a BouRbon Fanatic. I was very skeptical. With that said, I was actually BlOWn AWay. I Can’t believe I’m sayIng this, That I Haven’t had A Bourbon as Smooth. I’m talking 15, 18, 21 year olds. This is even smoother. Small Batch, quality & true Dedication, Must be what makes this Bourbon so Exceptional. Totally lived up to the hype.

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Tasting notes

A deliciously sweet finish. A fresh fill Tequila this mouthwatering combination of the sweetness of Tequila and New York corn is a must for your collection.