Terebelo Private Label


For years, you have been the man who made the most awesome cocktails being the one that the neighborhood would ask to make the cocktails for at the local charity events. 

For years you have been running a speakeasy out of your basement, quietly selling your homemade mixes, building a reputation of excellence, and you now want to make your combinations available to all.

Grandfather passed down a secret liqueur recipe that gets reviews at every event that you manage to make it for. You feel it is high time that you make it commercially available. 

Since you were in college, you dreamed of having a liqueur or Spirit that carries your name on it. 

At Terebelo Boutique Distillery, we will be there for you from start to finish. With our expert team ranging from our Master of Fermentation to our Master Distiller, we will do everything in our power to fulfill your dreams.

Start what I mean is from laying down your vision throughout the implementation. From “dream to the shelves.” 

Yours Truly President and Master Distiller,

Binyomin Terebelo

Step 1

Understand the unique dynamics of the Alcohol Market and what we can assist you with.

Step 2 

Understand what we can assist you with and what we cannot assist you with. 

What You Can Do

Pick the recipe.

Design the label.

Pick the bottle.


What We Do

Purchase your ingredients find supply sources when needed.

Ferment through bottling.

Submit label to TTB for approval.

All legal work.

Handoff to distributer. 

What We Both Together

Essentially we view ourselves as partners and advisors.

First, to create a masterful project. We will assist you and advise you throughout the project. 




Binyomin Terebelo




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